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Gotham Club New York City, New York | More than US$5,000 / Month | Published on a month ago

I’m the founder and CEO of my company, looking for an “A+ Player” marketing optimization manager with 4-8 years of experience to take our fast-growing company to the next level.

This is a remote position, for US & Canada-based applicants only.

We sell dating courses and now are moving into health supplements with celebrity partnerships via online direct-response sales videos and funnels.

We’ve almost doubled our revenue annually for the last three years and expect to hit $6M in revenue in 2017. We have big goals to triple that to $20M next year.

More information about the company will be revealed in the next step of the application.

I’m looking for a smart, detail-oriented manager to work side-by-side with me and our highly-talented, highly-motivated and extremely smart team of 25 people, working remotely across the US.

I know we have big opportunities for improvement in marketing optimization and the right person should be able to come in and make a big impact fast!

We want to hire top paid consultants to work with you to increase your skills and improve our strategy - we are even open to you hiring your own “dream team” of coaches, which the company will cover in full.

We’d also like to support you in attending top conferences and workshops (I’ve got plenty to recommend) to further increase your skills, network and to stay on top of cutting edge tech.

Within a year, I want you to go from a great optimization manager to one of the top optimizers in your field, with an incredible skillset.

Qualifications for the job:

Strong understand of direct marketing principles, online sales funnels, conversion factors, key metrics and improving conversions

Established, preferred SaaS services you work with for split testing and optimization

Experience with basics of statistical relevancy and knowing when a test is truly conclusive

Experience hiring and managing other high-performing employees

Experience systemizing and automating highly repetitive tasks

Strong philosophy on split testing and marketing analytics

Extremely detail oriented, able to organize and review marketing data for analysis

Thorough experience setting up, monitoring and analyzing split tests

Able to quickly detecting problems in split tests

Strong Google Analytics skills, using GA to track funnel performance and detect weak points and broken elements

Experience using Google Analytics tag manager

Confident working with a developer and project manager to get tests and funnel tracking setup and to troubleshoot bugs

Strong communication skills. Able to write comprehensive briefs and communicate well with other people in management

Confident systematizing tasks, creating checklists and improving processes

Keeping up with industry trends, technology, techniques and experts

Nice-to-have’s, but not mandatory:

Experience working remotely

Experience communicating on Slack and Google Hangouts

Using remote file services like Dropbox and Google Drive and Google Docs/Sheets

Responsibilities you’ll be in charge of:

  • Develop and monitor critical metrics for marketing performance, including page conversion rates, page speed, cross-device compatibility, uptime, 404 errors and other sales funnel problems
  • Helping to develop and monitor a company dashboard, automated reports and automated notifications if something “goes wrong” in a sales funnel
  • Working with developers to set up split tests on HTML pages, WordPress blogs and ecommerce stores, including Shopify. This includes testing, monitoring and reporting on these split tests, as well as keeping a log of completed split tests
  • Managing our list of upcoming split tests and priorities so there is rarely, if ever, gaps in testing and we are always setting up and running the highest-leverage tests possible
  • Finding new pages and elements of pages to test, working with the CEO, copywriters and consultants to come up with new ideas to split test on pages
  • Optimizing email autoresponder campaigns in GetResponse 360, including tracking statistics and improving email performance while working with other people on the marketing team such as our copywriter

This is a REMOTE position. You must be comfortable working remotely in the United States and have access to high-speed internet. We can help find and contribute to shared office space if needed.

Mandatory company work-weeks and retreats take place in the United States 4-5X per year. This is paid for in full by the company. These 5-day work weeks are with 5-6 people from management and usually taking place in New York City. We have team collaborations, activities, presentations, strategy sessions and focus on our regular workload.

NOTE: You must be OK with some adult and sex-centered content before applying.

To APPLY for this position:

  • If you’d like to apply for this position, please write me an email with the headline “Look No Further! Your ‘A Player’ Optimization Manager is Here!” and in the email please include…
  • Why are you leaving (or have left) your current position? (250 words max)
  • Why are you an ideal fit for this position? (250 words max)
  • What is your experience working with data and tracking metrics so far? How has your work made a massive impact on your company? (500 words max)
  • What are your dreams and goals for your career in the next 2-5 years? (250 words max)

Details about this position:

  • Compensation: $60k – 80k+
  • Hours: 9am – 5pm EST, Monday-Friday (semi-flexible)
  • Location: Remote work. You must be based in the US or Canada. Company paid for In-person work weeks and retreats.
  • Our Team: We’re located in NYC and 25 strong, plus additional part-time employees.

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